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Jan 1 12 4:30 AM

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Look, I got nothing against Gant or anyone else but it's about time we got things straight. There's a thread here about how prep fashion is being worn around Prague. This is the link to the thread.

Prep is not really even about Yale because it has its origins in the prep schools (elite private grammar and boarding high schools especially in the North East of the US) that wear these kinds of clothing that we now call prep/ When the students went on to study at university, they wore the same clothing. Sometimes prep has elements of the school or university uniforms, for the high school the normal day uniform blazer or sports uniforms such as rugby jerseys or polo shirts, and for the universities the blazers worn by the sporting teams.

I said in the thread

"I saw a young dude the other day trying to pull of Nantucket Reds. Except they weren't Nantucket Reds, and he wasn't from Nantucket. He was a Czech douchebag of 20 something years of age who lives in a 10x10 meter panelak apartment with a piss stained stairwell and rickety elevator trying to be something that he isn't - a prep. "

Gant does have some history as a supplier of clothing back in the day of old Yale and had a shop near Yale, Still, modern Gant is not the same as old Gant and even old Gant is not the origin of prep.

I would regard the real prep as the following 1. makers of prep school blazers (some of the schools go back to the 1850s or so), and school trousers, shirts etc. 2. makers of the prep school rugby jerseys, polo knits and rowing outfits and sports blazers 3. makers of the prep school shoes and boots 4. makers o the prep school belts and other accessories, such as the embroiders who were employed to put markings (also known as "colors") on the blazers for achievements 4. makers and suppliers of wear for the boarders who boarded at prep schools, and there would have been a few of these around back in the day. 5. makers of the other sports wear, such as pants and clothing and equipment for riding, fencing, rowing, track, cricket etc. 5 Remember that some schools had uniforms earlier than others, and other schools did not so there would be more of a chance of 4 rather than 1 being the rule of the day depending on the school. Even then the dress code would have been "blazer, cotton pants, belt, leather shoes, striped or other tie etc" even if not to a particular uniform style.



That's the authentic prep right there. Not even Gant is listed (except as "No 4"). I would say that a real prep brand is an extablished maker of school blazers around the 1880s in the North East, or elsewhere prep schools are found (such as in Canada or Australia or even England where private boarding schools near the seaside Iie with yachting or rowing or the like exist with similar sports to those in the prep schools in the NE ).

Now we have covered Gant, lets talk about the steaming hot piece of **** of the modern "prep" world. Sure, the clothes may be of good quality, they may be "fashionable" to a certain group of people, and they may even be great value, but authentic? No. Authenticity cannot be purchased. It's either there or it's not, and it even has little to do with the time of establishment, such as I wrote about Gant. They are about as authentic a prep brand as A&F. Not really at all. I am referring to the label known as "Jack Wills."

Read this from Jack Wills homepage, explaining their history

I'll be blunt with you, Yale has nothing to do with the UK, and Old Yale has nothing to do with Yale in 2011 or Yale in 1980 for that matter.

Jack Wills comes across as one of the most douchebag, turkey squeezing idiotic names and concepts I have ever seen. The way they splash the names of Oxford, Cambridge, Eton, Harrow, Yale etc all over their page, with the "events" such as polo and the like is just ludicrous. FAKE FAKE FAKE. You would have to be a complete tosser from a third world country who doesn't understand the origins of prep clothing to even think about wearing their ****.

Let's put an end to this nonsense about "prep". The boys explained it well in that other thread (link at the top of this post). Prep is something you either live at a certain stage of your life or you don't. You don't get to be prep or wear prep by buying faux prep brands that are classified as "prep" by the fashion media. NOT A*F, NOT HOLLISTER, NO WILLS, NOT EVEN GANT, NOT THE OTHER CRAP THAT PASSES FOR "PRESTIGE".  What the people buying "prep " dont get is that prep comes from activities IE GOING TO A PREP SCHOOL AND WEARING THE CLOTHING THERE , not from shops in Eastern Europe or elsewhere.

What do you all think about the kind of "prep" reinvention going on here in Prague , and elsewhere in Europe?

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Jan 1 12 12:32 PM

Agree with you but not sure about the origins of "prep" or how "authentic" brands like Gant are. It cracks me up every time I see some eurotrash trying to pull off the preppy look, trying to be something they aren't. The Jack Wills history is obviously not real "prep". Established 1999? Yes the point you make about old "prep" being authentic and then you are seeing these new brands trying to to sell "fake yesteryear old money prestige" is 100% on the mark my friend.


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Jan 2 12 7:53 PM

Well that is an interesting theory about the origins of prep. Yes, it does have a specific geographical origin, but was happening concurrently across the globe, and it does have a specific "seat" of origin, namely a certain class of boys and girls boarding high schools/grammar schools - which are known as prep schools, and again, this could have happened concurrently across the globe in various countries. The blazer from Africa and the history of that school seems to prove this.

About Jack Wills. I have to say I don't know much about it. I have read their website history with the events and everything they have and I wouldn't want to say that Jack Wills is a label for wannabe-prep fuckfaces, but I will.

Jack Wills is a label for wannabe-prep fuckfaces.

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